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Healing for the mind, body and spirit to restore your natural balance

Are you suffering from;
  • Poor sleep?

  • Anxiety or stress?

  • An injury?

  • Pain or illness?

  • Headaches and migraines?
  • Feeling out of sorts?

If so, Natural Balance Acupuncture can help. Illness and pain are major warning signals that the body is out of balance. Based on ancient treatments, acupuncture helps to restore the equilibrium in the body, ridding you of negative issues and allowing your body, mind and spirit to be in harmony again.

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Acupuncture is a person-centred approach; this means that you are treated as an individual.

Your physical, mental and emotional state are all interconnected. With treatment, your acupuncturist will not only help with the problem you are suffering from but delve further to find the root cause.

Every patient is unique and different techniques will suit different people. Your acupuncture practitioner will focus on you as an individual, not just the singular concern you may have. As a result, your treatment will be rounded, centred and you may notice improvements in all aspects of life. 

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Offering acupuncture in Baginton, it is our mission to provide a natural treatment option for any distress that the body may face.

From long-standing trauma to simply feeling out of balance, we truly believe in the healing powers of acupuncture.

With this in mind, acupuncture treatment can activate the healing process or help patients to manage their conditions more easily. Patients will notice many positive benefits from acupuncture in both the short term and the long term. By understanding your body and mind, the right treatment can be offered to help you to feel better.

After treatment, patients will often feel both an immediate boost and long-term progress. At Natural Balance Acupuncture, we want to ensure you always feel you best. We not only resolve your initial symptom but help to make sure you are running at optimum capacity. From improved sleep, positive outlook and increased well-being, feeling in tune with nature and your body can have truly remarkable effects.

Whatever ailment or concern, whether you are affected physically, emotionally or mentally, acupuncture can be life-changing.

Natural Balance Five Element Acupuncture

Focusing on traditional acupuncture, Natural Balance Acupuncture focuses on the five elements.

Five element acupuncture stems from an ancient Chinese philosophy. This philosophy believes that the world can be experienced through the five elements that are found in nature. Five element acupuncture takes the belief that the body corresponds to these elements in distinct phases.

These elements are;

Fire –  With the warmth from fire, it enables us to love and to be loved. Fire expresses our passion and joy. It can protect us emotionally and help us with improved communication so that we are both honest and open with others.

Earth – Considered the nurturing element, the earth helps us to feel grounded and rational. Earth can help to centre our bodies and mind, supporting decision-making, sympathising and understanding. With the earth element at the forefront, we have a strong sense of ourselves and feel a sense of satisfaction with self-knowledge.

Metal – The metal element is primarily associated with value. With metal, we can appreciate and value ourselves and others. It can improve self-confidence and self-worth by focusing on quality. Metal can also to help us to let go and move past difficult issues.

Water – Water can give us the reflection capacity that we desperately need in modern life. Water can help us to become more adaptable, enabling us to regenerate when required and do it with a strong and positive mindset. Water gives us power, will, drive and ambition.

Wood – With an image of growth, wood helps to bring optimism, positivity and hope. With growth, we can renew, plan and visualise the future we want to have. What’s more, wood can help to give us the stability we need but also the flexibility to change when our path takes a different direction.

All of the elements will be in synchronisation with the seasons. How we feel when we observe the world and ourselves may show an imbalance within an element. At Natural Balance Acupuncture, we work to determine the elements that may be imbalanced within you and then.

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At every treatment, we want to help the energy (or qi) flow freely; this helps to restore your health, happiness and wellbeing.

Treatment can vary as it is bespoke and person-centred for every single individual. Whatever ailment, injury or condition you may have, with knowledge of you as a person means that we can find the right treatment based on your exact needs.

The first treatment session

In order to deliver a person-centric treatment. It is essential to build-up a picture of each patient. At Natural Balance Acupuncture, your initial treatment will last approximately two hours. Within this time, your pulse on your wrists will be taken several times to feel the energy flow. This is one of the most important tools for every acupuncturist and will happen frequently throughout every treatment.

The first treatment will also discuss your health and medical history, including family medical history. To build up the picture of you, you will be asked about your diet, wellbeing, lifestyle and emotional health. You may be asked some unusual questions, but this will help to build up a more detailed picture. Each session is treated in the strictest of confidence; we will try to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable at all times.

Diagnostic tests will also be completed in this time. This will involve taking your blood pressure as well as measuring temperature distribution across your torso.

After the diagnosis is complete, the first treatment will begin with a detox. This helps to prepare the body for further treatments. Using sterilised needles with only a 0.16mm thickness, the treatment will help to increase the flow of energy around the body.

After every treatment, you are advised to drink plenty of water and relax to allow your body to balance.

The initial treatment session (including diagnosis, consultation and detox treatment) costs £60

Further treatments

Once a consultation has been completed for every new patient, we can then arrange follow-up treatments. Working with you and your treatment needs, we can discuss a convenient appointment time for you.

In further sessions, you’ll receive treatments to help restore your natural balance based on your specific needs.

Further treatment sessions cost £40 each.

The clinic requires 24-hour notice of any appointment cancellation.

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