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Celebrating World Acupuncture Day – How Can Acupuncture Help You?

Celebrating World Acupuncture Day – How Can Acupuncture Help You?

On the 15th November 2018, we celebrate World Acupuncture Day. This year is particularly exceptional as practitioners will celebrate the day at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. The day includes patronage from the World Health Organisation and UNESCO.

What Is World Acupuncture Day?

The day will celebrate the eighth anniversary of the inscription of both acupuncture and moxibustion into the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. However, World Acupuncture Day hopes to show how both treatments can be used globally as part of the world’s health systems.

While acupuncture has been used as a therapeutic technique for many years, it is in the last forty years that it has become increasingly popular. This is thanks to the scientific studies that prove its efficacy. In fact, acupuncture is so popular that practitioners in the USA alone administer more than 10 million acupuncture treatments every single year.

How Can Acupuncture Help You?

Acupuncture treatment uses very thin needles which a therapist will insert in various points across the body. While acupuncture offers a range of benefits, the treatment itself is very person-centric. Your therapist will spend a long time getting to know you and your energy channels. From there, they will find the most effective treatment for your needs.

Some of the areas that acupuncture can help with include;

Chronic back pain – Studies have shown that acupuncture is helpful at relieving the immediate symptoms of lower back pain. Furthermore, research has found that adding acupuncture alongside your usual back pain care is more beneficial than no acupuncture at all.

If you suffer from lower back pain, then you should consider acupuncture for back pain alongside other self-care back pain treatments such as applying heat to the area and remaining as active as possible.

Osteoarthritis – During a clinical study in Australia, scientists found that acupuncture offers relief from knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. A systematic review of studies in 2010 also agreed that acupuncture provides significant pain relief for osteoarthritis than receiving no acupuncture at all.

Headaches and migraines – In 2009, a study into acupuncture for migraines found that regular acupuncture treatment can help to reduce the frequency of migraines. Furthermore, another study found that acupuncture can help to mitigate tension-type headaches.

If you suffer from migraines or frequent headaches, then studies show that acupuncture can not only help to reduce the severity of the headache pain, but it can also reduce the number of headache days per month.

There are many conditions that acupuncture can help treat, from struggling to adjust to seasonal changes, respiratory and digestive disorders, skin conditions or pain problems. Acupuncture can also help with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression too.

Can acupuncture help you?

If you are looking for help in treating a condition or problem, get in touch with Emma to arrange your first treatment and consultation. Your first session will include thorough diagnosis and detox treatment. From there, Emma will discuss with you the best form of treatment for your condition. To find out more and to book your first treatment, email Emma at nbacupuncture@icloud.com.